Friday, May 21, 2010


A while back, someone suggested that I check out a film called "Ingreedients". I was immediately attracted by the name- for obvious reasons- and decided to check it out. I sent the creator an email letting him know that I appreciated his efforts as obviously our goals are very similar. And then he sent me some copies of the film... what a nice guy!

So, I watched it and was totally blown away. I thought I understood the ups and downs of trans fats. But as it turns out- I didn't. In the film they even have some foods analyzed for trans fats content. Did anyone else realize that Smart Balance contains trans fat? What a bummer! Partially-hydrogenated oils definitely aren't the only thing to be looking out for when screening your groceries.

With that said, I definitely recommend that anyone who is interested in protecting themself and others from cracks in FDA and USDA regulations order a copy of the film from the Ingreedients website.

Students- get this into your classroom! Food Inc. is another beautifully informative piece of work as well. After my teacher showed Ingreedients in our American cultural studies class, I had people begging to borrow my copy to bring home to show their family.

And for those who are interested- I will post an update on my Aramark situation very soon.


  1. Make sure to check out the movie Fresh. If Food Inc is a wake up call Fresh is the call to action

  2. I am pleased to have found your site and applaud your efforts at encouraging transparency and exposing artificial and chemical additives in our food supply. Sadly, people are eating so much of the stuff they no longer know what real food tastes like. Your process is informed and fair, and you provide valuable information.

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