Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ingredient disclosure policy

Is it possible that Aramark is confused about their own ingredient disclosure policy? Some comments on my guest post for Fed up with School Lunch directed me to the Aramark website.

Interestingly enough, the site states that Aramark already offers the complete ingredient information to anyone who is interested.

Upon request, we share with customers all ingredients that go into our final product.
So, I just sent an email to the Aramark representatives I have been working with as well as a district administrator that has been involved.

I thought I would post the email here for anyone who is interested in seeing how it all pans out!


Hope everyone has been doing well!

I just had a quick question regarding Aramark's policy on releasing ingredients.
Right here on the website it states that all ingredient information is to released upon request:

Upon request, we share with customers all ingredients that go into our final product.

Is there a possibility that you may have made a mistake in not sharing the ingredients with the students and I?

Thanks a lot!



  1. Good luck. Hopefully they'll admit they were mistaken and send the information.

  2. Great find! I also noticed a link that talks about reducing trans fats and processed foods. Sounds like they're not living up to their marketing rhetoric.

  3. Awesome! You go, girl. As a teacher, I am thrilled to see a student taking charge and working to create positive change.

  4. I am studying for a master's degree in Nutrition and get fed up with all of our classes. Why? Because we know this is occuring in schools all across the country and we know what foods could be used instead BUT school food service is all politics not nutrition.

    See, the USDA mission is to "promote the use of U.S agricultural products" ... well the USDA has contracts with nearly all the food service providers and schools to "promote the use of US agricultural products"... thrown in $$$$ contracts with Coca Cola for the vending machines and you have a big money pit of nutrition-less food being served to America's youth.

    There are plenty of healthier ways to eat and to provide food service to schools- many of my fellow students and I entered into graduate school to make a difference in school food. However, we now realize what a complicated mess it is because the government requires the USDA to require the schools to use these foods- breads, starches, etc. because these are the main foods that are the cheapest for USDA to promote.

    you rock on girl- keep trying to make a difference! I think a big wave is coming!

  5. That is great! Maybe this is the key to unlocking the ingredients list for everyone!

    I sick over the fact that my sister is still eating school foods because we can't afford for her to take healthy packed lunches.

    Instead, she gets a few dollars for the week and has to make it last. She ends up eating pop-tarts most of the time because, not only is the food unhealthy, but it is also expensive.

  6. Whenever you see something like that - be sure to take a screenshot! A lot of companies have no trouble pulling it down and claiming that it was never there. It's better to be safe and have the evidence than wish you'd done it.

    Good luck!

  7. It's so funny that you mention that, because I actually did do that!

  8. How do you take a screen shot?

  9. The print screen button. Then you paste it into any image editing program and save the file.