Friday, March 19, 2010

Ingredient Transparency Petition

Yesterday I met with my principal in regards to my petition. I wanted her to hear about it from me before she got mixed information from somebody else. I also got the okay from my principal to set up a petition-signing table in the lunchroom during lunches.

So, my friends and I made some posters during CUP. (CUP stands for Charge It Up... my school likes to be the creative type)

And by lunchtime we were off! I gathered up everyone I knew from all of the individual lunches. I also got a couple different teachers to allow me to use their laptops for signing. I thought it was very effective.

Then... we hit a roadblock. About five signatures into lunch the website we were using ( ceased to work. We kept getting this crazy white screen every time a student tried to approve their signature.

So, we had to think fast. I didn't want to, but I decided we should switch to another petition site. This wasn't the first time petitiononline had done this to me, and I was pretty frustrated.

So I copied and pasted the same petition text into another site (

And then we were off again! Overall, it was a success. It also really helped that I had some friends on board. One of which is my friend Sam who is a cheerleader. Not only does she already have a great network, but she had the enthusiasm to get people interested in the project. I have enthusiasm too, but in no way am I a cheerleader.

I would definitely suggest to any other teenagers who are trying to petition at their highschool or middle schools that you should try to get those influential types involved.

Anyway... here are some pictures from the signing.

Also, sign the petition yourself at

(( NOTE: The original petition is at this site: for anyone who is interested in how many signatures we have thus far. Though, please only sign one petition! ))

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