Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the road again!

Figuratively speaking. But in the best way possible.

I got another email today. Not from my district healthy school's project coordinator... but from the Illinois project coordinator! She said she was sorry that my district felt it was a conflict of interest for me to continue, but that she believes ingredient transparency absolutely fell within the guidelines of the project. She even said she would be able to provide me with some other resources that could help me.

I really appreciated that. I have been really bummed out about having to drop the healthy schools grant project.

Speaking of dropping the project, I had to email the bad news to the yogalates teacher today that was scheduled to be coming to our school. Faith from Exercise in Disguise was going to be giving us a generous fifty percent discount on six classes that would be offered free to any interested students.

I really believe it's individuals with skills and resources like that that can have some of the largest impact on the health of our society. You give a free yoga class to one kid who begins feeling in tune with their body... and you may have laid the ground work for a lifetime of wellness. Now that's what this whole movement is really about!

Now to the "on the road again" part;

I feel like it's now or never, so I sent my first email to a newspaper in regards to ingredient transparency today. Tomorrow I'll send another... or a few. With that said, please send me your press contacts to I would graciously accept any advice as far as these things go as well.

Oh, and last but not least,
A mom from Texas posted a very encouraging blog the other day about my blog and action towards ingredient transparency. Since then, she's been posting more and more about these issues and voicing her opinion on Aramark and cafeteria food. She's fun, informative and definitely worth following:



  1. Thanks for the update and encouraging news.

  2. I think it's great that you are focusing on the ingredient's soooo important!