Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun facts

I have been very busy lately. Last week I took a trip all the way down to the capitol to attend a rally to pass taxes for education. Currently the state owes my district more than 11 million dollars due to the economic downturn (their poor budgeting).

Illinois ranks as the 5th richest state according to personal income.
They also rank 47th for educational funding.

Yeah, I know. It doesn't make any sense. But hey- Neither does a lack of ingredient transparency!

Speaking of that, with an application to the budget crisis: Many have suggested that I lobby my district to switch to a food provider that will treat students like myself with a little more respect.

Well, here is my "answer" to that-
Aramark has continually offered my district the best deal for outsourced cafeteria food management. And though their contract is up for consideration this summer, it would do more harm than good to switch to a different company. We've already lost too much to the deficit. 148 teachers and counting so far, as well as numerous cuts to our extracurricular programs and a five students per class size increase.

I'm really between a rock and a hard place in that matter. And so is my district.

So I realize that not everyone lives in District 300, or Illinois in that matter. But this is definitely an issue that many will face upon seeking ingredient transparency.

On a lighter note: This school offers full ingredient transparency.

It's all done on a volunteer basis through their wonderful nutrition committee.

 (thanks JGold!)


  1. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see a district with ingredient transparency.

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